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Summer School Information

Summer School and Grade promotion info sheet Sec 2

Summer School and Grade promotion info sheet Sec 3

Summer School and Grade promotion info sheet Sec 4

Summer School and Grade promotion info sheet Sec 5

Registration forms for Summer School will ONLY be needed for the FULL LENGTH 4-5 week courses for sec 3 and 4 mathematics. These registrations forms must be submitted to the Summer School Office by June 20th. If you have questions as to whether a full length courses is needed, speak to your child's mathematics teacher.

Mathematics CST Secondary 4
 registration form
CST Math 414 Reg 2014

Mathematics Secondary 3, 5 week course registration form
Math 306 reg 2014

Mathematics Secondary 4 Bridge course registration form
Tech & Sc 426 Math reg 2014

For all other courses, simply go on the dates indicated for registration at Centennial Regional High School. For more information, please read the grade level Summer School and grade promotion info sheets.

There is no Summer School for Secondary 1.

Secondary 2 & 3 end of year results will be available as of June 27th. Secondary 4 & 5 results will be found on the MELS Statement of Marks mailed to you the week of July 7th. If you have any questions, you can email as of June 23rd.

SEC 5 students not already registered in CEGEP:

For students who did not get into daytime Cegep, Dawson College will be offering CEGEP level evening classes. This is also open to students who are missing up to six credits for their Secondary School Diploma. Don't delay, register at ACCESS and Dawson. Read more here

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