E.g., 09/21/2017


Student Life Fair TODAY by N. Turriff

Be sure to come to the main foyer at lunch to see everything there is to do at Heritage! #hrhsgetinvolved!  Make the most out of high school!

Trivia Quiz Tomorrow by N. Turriff

A reminder to all homeroom reps that the Trivia Quiz will be read over the intercom tomorrow during homeroom. Make sure your answer sheet will be easily accessible. Good luck. The Kolyma Heads of House will be reading out the questions. Brush up on your current events and "September" stuff tonight! This quiz counts for points!!!!!

Cycle 2 Leadership Camp by N. Turriff

Reminder: Pick up a registration form for Leadership Camp during the student life fair on Thursday. It's going to be great! You have to be there!

Student Life on Instagram by N. Turriff

Student life is now on instagram!  Follow us @hrhsgetinvolved!