Ice Hockey Player

Hockey (Sports Excellence)

For more information specific to the Sports Excellence Hockey program, please contact:
Joshua Mitchell
Sports Excellence Hockey Coordinator


Students in the hockey program train three days per week on ice and have one off-ice session.  They are divided into three levels based on their skill as determined by our coaching staff. The sessions focus on skill development.  Their off-ice training is designed to focus on hockey specific conditioning and strength development.  They train from 14h00 to 15h55 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The sessions are held at Rosanne Laflamme Arena or the students are bussed to and from the Complexe Sportif Bell in Brossard’s Dix30.  It is important to note that students in the program are not permitted to travel on the public school busses with their hockey bags or sticks to and from school.  They may leave their equipment in our locked hockey storage rooms overnight. 

As of the 2016-2017 year the selected Sports Excellence players will be registered into the Ligue de Hockey Interscolaire du Québec (LHIQ) in the Division 1 category.  Playing on this team is mandatory for selected Sports Excellence student-athletes as it is built into the program.

The team roster try-outs for the Juvenile, Bantam and Pee-wee teams for the 2020-2021 academic year will take place in April 2020.  All incoming secondary 1 students that have already been accepted into the program will be advised of the exact date at the end of March.  Parents will be notified of their child's placement in May.

As per a Hockey Quebec ruling, student-athletes that participate in Division 1 hockey leagues may not concurrently participate on a community team and therefore, our team-members must play exclusively for Heritage. 

For the 2019-2020 school year, we were pleased to be able to offer another juvenile team, which competed in the LHIQ Division 2 category.  Students who are selected for the Juvenile Division 2 roster may play for their community, however, in case of a scheduling conflict, Heritage must be the priority.  Being able to field a second juvenile team will depend on the total number of students we have registered in the hockey program who are eligible for that age category.  It may not be possible to do so every year.  Confirmation will occur in May, after the team-try-outs.

Students that are enrolled in the Hockey program that are not selected for the Pee-wee, Bantam or Juvenile teams can remain in the program (provided they are meeting the academic, behavioural and athletic requirement) and may be asked to act as spares for the school teams.  These students will be expected to play competitive hockey for their community in order to remain eligible for the program.

For non-team member students, on days that their training group is scheduled for a game, they will be offered either to go on-ice with the group above or below their regular group or to take part in an off-ice training session.  The program fees for non-team members will be less as they will not include league fees, travel expenses, league insurance, etc.

Specific Requirements for each Hockey group are as follows:

  • Hockey 1: This group consists of all secondary 1 students and approximately 5-8 secondary 2 students.  The majority of this group is our pee-wee roster.  The head instructor for this group is Mr. Stevenson. 

  • Hockey 2: Selected secondary 2, all secondary 3 and some secondary 4 students make up this group.  The majority of this group is our bantam roster with several Juvenile Division 2 roster players as well.  The head instructor is Mr. Mitchell. 

  • Hockey 3:  All selected secondary 4 and 5 students make up this group.   The majority of this group is our juvenile Division 1 roster with several Juvenile Division 2 players as well.  The head instructor for this group is Mr. Black. 

  • Female players will be placed in the Hockey group our coaching staff determines they fit best with based on their skill level and physical attributes.  They must be playing at the highest level possible within their community to continue to be eligible for the program.

The LHIQ consists of approximately 20-26 league games, plus play-offs.  The teams will also take part in tournaments and exhibition games throughout the year.  Please note that at no point during the year may a roster player choose to become a non-roster member and remain eligible for the program for that year or for future years. 

The students that were not selected for the school teams are encouraged to play for their community to continue to evolve as a hockey player and practice their skills in-game settings.