Student Council

The Student Council is an administrative group made up of student volunteers who have been chosen by their peers through an interview process. The President is either elected by the student population or may volunteer based on years of service and experience on the Student Council.

As an administrative group, the Student Council represents the student population and their needs. Those needs are reported to the Principal as a proposal to effect change in the school. If accepted, it is up to the student members of the Council to effect said change.

Apart from the administrative role of the Student Council, it is the Council’s responsibility to develop the Student Life of the Heritage Population. This is done through various student run activities such as Theme Days (Pyjama Daze, Fancy Friday), school wide activities (Picnic, Carnival), and fundraisers to support student activities.

As an administrative group, the Student Council must be a presence in and around the school. The student body needs to know who the members are who are representing them. To that effect, the members must organize an awareness advertising campaign.

The Student Council is a HUGE responsibility for its members in that they have the power and the empowerment to effect change. Students must maintain a high academic standing and be an appropriate role model for all other students.

The Student Council is one branch of a much bigger organization within Heritage and it is imperative that students learn to work with others in a team environment.

The success of a school as large as Heritage is based on the work of its administration, teachers, support staff and students. Members of the Council are often surprised at how much power they actually have. This is a project for the students by the students. Adults may and will support the Student Council but the success of their endeavor’s is the sole responsibility of the Student Council members.