While our general studies program offers a strong academic curriculum, we also offer programs that give our students the opportunity to explore different paths.

General Studies Program

Students in the General Education Program who successfully graduate secondary school may go on to future academic paths in CEGEP, vocational education, and university.

International Baccalaureate

A program that considers the knowledge, values, skills, and attitudes needed to flourish in our global society is ultimately, a rewarding one.

Experience IB at Heritage Regional High School!

Fine Arts Focus

Provides students with a vibrant arts education in one of four disciplines: Dance, Drama, Music, or Visual Arts. FAF students learn and create in collaboration with other young artists, and with the guidance of highly trained professionals in their fields. As well, enrichment activities such as workshops and field trips are incorporated into the program to allow our students further opportunities to explore and grow. FAF students work with high-quality materials, instruments, and equipment, as well as rehearse and perform in state-of-the-art facilities, such as our auditorium and recording studio. They showcase their talents in performances, shows, and openings at various times throughout the school year. Fine Arts Focus is the perfect program for budding artists who are passionate about the arts, and who are dedicated to further development, growth, and exploration in their chosen discipline.

iCan – Innovative Computer
Applications and Networking

The iCan program at Heritage Regional High School is a computer technology focused curriculum at the high school level. The program prepares our students for a path in computer sciences, software engineering and Web Design at the CEGEP level, University level, for Technical Programs and the Job Market.


A CFER program consists of three essential components. Classroom work focuses on developing functional skills in French, English, Mathematics and Social Studies subjects. These subjects have an underlining focus on autonomy, engagement and productivity. The CFER program also has a business component. The business is incorporated as non-profit, operating as a real world organization with contracts, production schedules, and safety regulations.

Sports Excellence

The Sports Excellence program provides student-athletes with an opportunity to practice and train for their chosen sport, within their school day. Heritage offers concentration programs in basketball, gymnastics, hockey, skateboarding (Sec 3, 4 and 5 only), soccer, swimming and track and field. The main goals of the program are to promote academic success through athletic participation and to provide student-athletes with high-level training to develop them to their potential in their selected sport.

Please see the complete website for specific details regarding each sport discipline and the admissions process.

Concentration and IB program registration for
incoming students (2023-2024) is now open!

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