​​​iCan = Innovative Computer Applications and Networking program.  A computer concentration for high school students.

​The iCan program at Heritage Regional High School is a computer technology focused curriculum at the high school level.

The program prepares our students for a path in computer sciences, software engineering and Web Design at the CEGEP level, University level, for Technical Programs and the Job Market.

For more information on this program, please contact:

Louis Larouche
iCan Program Coordinator
Email: llarouche@rsb.qc.ca
Tel: 450 678-1070 EXT. 6617

Carmelina Ippolito
iCan Program Coordinator
Email: cippolito@rsb.qc.ca
Tel: 450 678-1070 EXT. 6925


​The focus of the iCan program is to gradually teach programming skills to our students. From Logo writer and Scratch to start in secondary 1 to a progression to HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, etc, at every grade level until secondary 5.

A sample of what the students learn include: Taking a computer apart and rebuilding it, Installing an OS, Networking skills, including servers, switches, routers, etc.
Software and Web 2.0 application design and programming, 3d animation design for the video game and movie industry and device development for iOS and Android devices, etc. Digital Arts and Photography, CS6, etc.

The students are taught by qualified instructors with very specific skill sets in one of the field listed above.
Students will focus on the iCAN program 4 days a week for 2 hours a day, Monday to Friday, with a regular school day on Wednesday. The program is designed for students who excel at problem solving and learning with a high level of interest in computer science and technology.


​The iCAN program started in the fall of 2011. Entrance requirements include completing the application form online and submitting the latest report card. Students in the iCAN program follow the same courses as students in the regular path and will complete all high school graduation requirements.

​Click here to access the application form.

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