General Studies Program

General Studies Program

Students in the General Education Program who successfully graduate secondary school may go on to future academic paths in CEGEP, vocational education, and university.

Educational Objectives

The Ministère de l’Éducation, Loisirs et Sports (MELS) in its “Regulation Respecting the Basis of Secondary School Organization” has stressed that “Secondary school education should allow the adolescent to continue his general education and to begin to understand his place in life as a person and as a member of society”. The objectives of secondary education take into consideration the existence of two principal age groupings:

The First Cycle: Secondary I – II

The objectives of the first cycle recognize that adolescents’ intellectual capacities have reached a high level of development, and that at the same time their learning is closely connected with their social and affective experience.

The following are the proposed objectives:

  • to introduce students to the various fields of knowledge and skills with which general education will be concerned;
  • to instil the habits of work and the mental discipline needed to foster the progressive development of independent thinking;
  • to supply an education which will encourage the integration of knowledge and personal experience;
  • to lead the students to a gradual recognition of the demands and challenges of the society of which they are members.

The Second Cycle: Secondary III – IV – V

The second cycle of secondary school is oriented toward the adolescent’s progressive development of a personal identity. The general development of the first cycle will be further extended with a greater emphasis on variety and choice in the courses offered.

The following objectives are suggested:

  • to consolidate and deepen the students’ areas of knowledge and skills through more systematic studies;
  • to encourage their personal involvement which can accentuate the sense of belonging, and encourage participation and a spirit of creativity;
  • to develop in young people a sense of individual and community responsibility;
  • to foster the development of coherent thought;
  • to develop critical judgement when confronted with various currents of thought;
  • to help young people find meaning in their lives;
  • to facilitate access to their future vocations.

French Program

At Heritage, we are very proud to offer our students a post-immersion French Mother Tongue program while still receiving their education in English.

This program is offered in both cycles and adopts the same curriculum introduced in Québec francophone schools. Cycle one students have the opportunity to have their Science & Technology and Social Science courses entirely in French in order to increase their linguistic knowledge.

For the students following the General program, 3 levels of French are being offered.

  1. French Mother Tongue
  2. French Enriched
  3. French Regular

In the Concentration programs, please note that only the French Enriched level is available to all the students as part of their academic portion of the program.
In the International Baccalaureate middle years program, 2 cohorts exist at each grade level. One follows the French enriched level and the other follows the French Mother Tongue level (Français langue maternelle).

​Alternative Program

​Heritage Regional High School is proud to host a Work-Oriented Training Path, also known as WOTP.

Our program is separated into two streams:

  • Semiskilled (1 year program, Sec. 2 academics, students that achieved grade 6 competencies but not Cycle 1 of secondary)
  • CFER (3 year program, Modified program, students that did not achieved grade 6 competencies and Cycle 1 of secondary)

Our Semiskilled and CFER year 3 students complete stages outside of the school in businesses within our community. The goal of our program is to learn and grow through real life experiences.

​- HRHS also offers a 15+ program for any students struggling to complete their Cycle 2 Year 1 academic requirements. In addition, the program is geared towards the acquisition of skills for vocational trades.

Concentration and IB program registration for
incoming students (2023-2024) is now open!

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