General Studies Program

Mission Statement:

To provide all students with a varied educational experience while preparing them for the future and helping them understand their place as a member of modern society.

Program Description:

Students in the General Studies program at Heritage receive a comprehensive education with a focus on instilling our values of respect, excellence, and pride. A wide variety of extracurricular activities, clubs and field trips are available to students in General Studies to further enrich their educational experience. Students in General Studies also have a variety of option courses in the arts and other disciplines offered at every grade level. The program strives to create a sense of belonging and encourage participation, creativity, and critical thinking.

Students in the General Studies Program who successfully graduate secondary school may go on to future academic paths in CEGEP, Vocational Education, and University.

Eligibility Requirements:

General studies is open to all students with eligibility to attend public high school in English in Quebec.

Other Important Information:

Three levels of French are offered to general studies students; French Second-Language, French Enriched & French Mother Tongue. The French Mother Tongue program is offered in both cycles. Science, Social Sciences & Ethics courses are taught entirely in French at the junior level.

Contact Information:

Sharon Hughes
Junior Vice Principal’s Secretary
Tel: 450 678-1070 EXT. 6754

Jiacheng Zhou
Junior Vice Principal’s Secretary
Tel: 450 678-1070 EXT. 7609

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