Mission Statement:

To support our students in becoming autonomous individuals, engaged citizens and productive workers.

Program Description:

CFER is a 3–5-year alternative work-study program that includes classroom and work-placement components. CFER students benefit from being able to do their work placement hours at school with the guidance and support of their teachers and technicians. They gain confidence in their abilities and experience success in a school setting. CFER students learn about the work environment while continuing to build their skills in Math, English and French.

Upon completion of the program, students graduate but do not receive a high school diploma. They receive a certificate of completion. They may then access the work force or continue their studies through adult education.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students who are at least 15 years old 
  • Students who have been unsuccessful in the regular program in elementary and high school

Contact Information:

Nancy Gasser
CFER Program Coordinator
Tel: 450 678-1070 EXT. 6602

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