A CFER program consists of three essential components. Classroom work focuses on developing functional skills in French, English, Mathematics and Social Studies subjects.  These subjects have an underlining focus on autonomy, engagement and productivity. The CFER program also has a business component.  The business is incorporated as non-profit, operating as a real world organization with contracts, production schedules, and safety regulations. 

All CFER businesses are built around some form of recycling and the recycled materials vary from CFER to CFER.  CFER Heritage recycles wires for Bell Canada.  We also have an industrial composter and a contract to recycle paper and cardboard with Cascades.  Furthermore, we run the photocopy center for the school.  The third component of CFER is the “Caravan”, an environmental project in which CFER students visit elementary schools to raise awareness about the environment and recycling.


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